Cadvent Calendar: Day 24

December 24, 2016 59119 Views

Welcome to the 24th day of Christmas, and here is my 2nd favourite video game of all time to celebrate! Special thanks to for the incredible intro for every day!

And the discount code ‘CADDY’ still works on top of any offer in December, along with all of my merchandise and countless amazing high-quality wall prints, t-shirts, hoodies and phone cases.

The Cadvent Calendar is my 2016 Christmas/Holiday Special series in which every single day up until December 25th, I make a relatively short video dissecting each of my favourite video games ever made right up until my number 1 pick, revealed on Christmas Day. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks a million times over to you all for watching, ESPECIALLY if you watch all of the parts! That’s dedication. For such loyalty I shall give a biscuit to anyone on the street that DOES watch all of them. Subject likely to change depending on if I have a biscuit on me at the time.

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