Cruis’n w/ Eugene Jarvis on His Arcade Legacy | Defender, Robotron, Halo, King Kong VR, & More! (p1)

September 12, 2021 5313 Views

We sat down with legendary game designer, Raw Thrills cofounder, and creator of the Crusi’n series, Eugene Jarvis, for an epic 2 hour discussion. In part 1, we discuss his storied arcade background, including working on classics like Defender and Robotron, all the way to the modern day at Raw Thrills, including the design of the Halo Arcade cabinet, and King Kong in VR. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we dive into Crusi’n USA and the evolution of the series!

➤ Watch Part 2!

0:00 – Intro & How Eugene Got Started in Games
8:39 – Robotron & Inspiring Twin-Stick Shooters
12:21 – How Arcade Games Have Changed Over the Years
23:19 – Bringing King Kong to VR Arcades & The State of VR
26:52 – How Arcade Cabinets Are Designed
Interview by: Andre, Tom
Editing by: MightySnom
Thumbnail by: Tom

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