Dragon Quest: Where it all started | The Completionist (Nintendo Switch)

October 12, 2019 349385 Views

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It’s safe to say that the JRPG genre would not exist without Dragon Quest. The quest system, turn based combat, level grinding, it’s all owed to the herald of it’s time. If you don’t know this game you know of it’s art. It was the first video game Akira Toriyama worked on, and the big stand out here are the monsters. Each design has character to it and are all so unique. A tradition that has carried even to the latest iteration in it’s three decade run; Dragon Quest XI. But it’s not just the art and Dragon Ball vibes that make it stand out (they both have dragons, they both have balls). The music is spectacular and blew the world wide open for video game music. It’s another great classic addition to the Nintendo Switch.

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