Giant Bombcast 717: Scams and Flams

December 22, 2021 10775 Views

We’re back to talk about some neighborhood scams, sucking up a mess in The Gunk, finishing Inscryption, slamming tiles in Babble Royale, being trapped in MonCage, NFTs in games, and even more!

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00:00 – Welcome to Ghostbusters
13:53 – Jeff G’s Xbox Live gamertag switchup
15:39 – Christmas delivery issues
17:00 – Holiday tipping?
25:58 – Fighting game demos – DNF Duel & KoF
28:38 – Jan finished Inscryption
39:22 – Jeff B is playing Moncage
44:00 – Jan beat Guardians of the Galaxy
51:23 – Jason’s playing Demeo
54:54 – Jeff G’s playing The Gunk
59:59 – Jeff G’s playing Babble Royale
1:03:42 – Jeff G’s trying to play GTA Online
1:12:56 – Break
1:14:55 – Yuji Naka’s solo project ‘SHOT2048’
1:18:05 – GSC tried to put NFTs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
1:31:15 – Sales for FF14 suspended because of server capacity issues
1:40:28 – New Klonoa trademark appears
1:42:00 – Splinter Cell reboot confirmed by Ubisoft
1:45:40 – Five new Genesis games added to Nintendo Switch Online’s “expansion” service
1:50:31 – EMAILS
1:53:20 – “Why should I keep my PS4? Have you ever regretted trading in an old system?”(Joey from Tucson)
2:03:21 – “If there’s going to be a Titanfall 3, will it incorporate the characters of Apex Legends in it?” (Abe from Oakland)
2:05:20 – “Microsoft releases games on both console and PC Day1. 1 year deep, do you find yourself using your Xbox console more or less than you expected?” ( Sam from Jersey )
2:17:50 – “Outside of the indie space, what was the last fighting game with entirely original cast of characters?” ( M from Wisconsin )

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