Giant Bombcast 719: Volunteer Spirit

January 5, 2022 14261 Views

No better way to ring in the new year than another episode of the Giant Bombcast! We talk about the hottest releases like Titanfall 2, Teardown, as well as GoldenEye rumors, Final Fantasy delays, and of course NFTs.

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(thanks chinohormann and BeardDuder for timestamps!)

0:00 – Intro, chattin’ about CES (and New Year’s Resolutions)
10:41 – Doctor and health-related chat
17:17 – Housekeeping re: Danny O’Dwyer & Giant Bomb’s office situation

22:07 – VIDEO GAMES! Titanfall 2 “Northstar.” Player-hosted custom servers and mods.
26:50 – Wordle, it’s what everyone’s talking about
39:29 – TV sounds weird
43:04 – It Takes Two (Jess)
47:42 – Chicory (Jess)
48:45 – Teardown mods (Bakalar)
58:13 – Jeff Gerstmann bought a RetroTINK 5X Pro

1:06:24 – NEWS. RIP John Madden
1:12:19 – Xbox Achievements for Goldeneye have surfaced
1:20:14 – Remedy Working on F2P co-op PVE shooter “Vanguard” with Tencent publishing
1:25:48 – Final Fantasy XVI delayed “6 months or so”
1:28:13 – [NFT talk] Square president talked a whole lot about “the blockchain”
1:40:11 – MAME served a C&D from Cave
1:44:42 – Steam’s Top 100 list + VR talk
2:00:30 – Ad Break

2:02:56 – EMAILS.
2:03:26 – Swapping to the word Biomes?
2:07:17 – Games needed for Analogue Pocket
2:14:39 – Bring back old games
2:32:49 – Wrestling Hair
2:36:00 – Quiz time!
2:40:58 – Wrapping up / Halo nail polish

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