Giant Bombcast 720: For Answer

January 12, 2022 8144 Views

The Giant Bombcast is back! This week we discuss our current game backlogs, E3 2022 being cancelled, 500 hour long video games, and Limp Bizkit!

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(thanks to chinohormann for timestamps!)

0:00 – Show start (some chat about “styyyyle”)
13:12 – EMBR (Jan)
18:39 – Fast food delivery tangent
22:10 – Inscryption/Pony Island (Jess)
27:06 – “Dumb Friends co-op quest update” (Bakalar)
36:35 – Wordle update/trolling (Bakalar)
47:05 – backlog stuff/Eastward/Lego Batman 3 (Jason)

51:11 – NEWS
51:21 – PSVR2 revealed at CES
1:01:03 – Twisted Metal TV show “reconfirmed”
1:03:27 – Word going around of a new Twisted Metal game
1:08:35 – E3 ’22 not an in-person event again
1:21:37 – Take2 acquiring Zynga for 12.7 billion dollars
1:28:31 – Armored Core details leak from a survey
1:33:53 – “Dying Light 2 is 500 hours long” (not really)
1:38:04 – “Phil Spencer calls for cross-platform ban program”

1:50:28 – E-MAILS
1:50:46 – “Bakalar is WRONG about Wheel of Fortune contestants” (Justin from Texas)
1:54:14 – “People were pissed when Ghost Recon Frontline was announced. Will Ubi scrap or pivot the game?” (Mark)
1:56:44 – “How would you pitch a new Gex game?” (Adam)
2:01:23 – Will we ever get a controller with 6 face buttons again? (Brian from Missouri)
2:04:59 – Are there any games you strongly associate with music that has nothing to do with them? (Meg)
2:06:42 – David’s experience with using VR to help with designing homes/hospitals (David from New York)
2:08:59 – Do you think Nintendo would be developing a Switch VR add-on and use it with the next Mario Kart? (Christopher from Michigan)
2:15:50 – What should classic game-themed scented candles smell like? (Simon from the Netherlands)
2:21:21 – “[Please reconsider any discussions about Limp Bizkit]” (Tom from Central New Jersey)
2:31:51 – RE: “biome vs level” from last week… “What is a level? Why we gotta use that word?” (Chris in Philly)

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