Giving Batman: Arkham Origins A Second Chance

Giving Batman: Arkham Origins A Second Chance

February 23, 2020 26 Views

As WB Montreal teases its upcoming “Court of Owls” Batman game, Mike and Tamoor return to the studio’s last outing with the Dark Knight, in a series of love letters and epistolary arguments.

WB Montreal’s upcoming Batman game has become the talk of the town following its recent social media campaign and (accidental) hints from The New 52 writer Scott Snyder. So, between the lack of major releases, and a slew of delays, Mike Mahardy and Tamoor Hussain decided to return to the studio’s previous Batman game: Arkham Origins.

In the video above, Mike and Tamoor (aka Batman and Robin) recount their recent replays of the seven-year-old game. Their experiences vary wildly, as do their vats of Batman knowledge, so expect an argument or two, as well as a couple of dirty, dirty burns.

GameSpot will be covering WB Montreal’s upcoming announcements, whether they arrive anytime soon, or during this year’s E3 showcase.

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