GTA Online’s New Update Confirms Which Original GTA 5 Ending Is Canon – IGN Now

December 17, 2021 121524 Views

GTA Online’s latest update, The Contract, features dialogue that seems to confirm what happens to Michael following the end of GTA 5. For those that didn’t complete GTA 5’s campaign, the game has three different endings. While endings A and B see either Trevor or Michael die at the hands of Franklin respectively, Option C ties together the narrative’s loose ends in a way that allows all three of the game’s protagonists to survive. Rockstar previously suggested that Option C is the game’s intended ending via a dialogue line from Tao Cheng in GTA Online’s 2019 Diamond and Casino update. That line alluded to events that only take place in the game’s third ending. This latest update, it seems, further reinforces that. While this new line of dialogue seems to finally rule out an ending where Michael dies, a prior update also made a suggestion that Trevor survives the events of GTA 5, as well. During the Smuggler’s Run update, Ron Jakowski notes that Trevor has “gone all Vinewood” before referring to him indirectly as his “old boss”. Fans still love the content coming out of #GTAOnline for #GTA5, but the wait continues for a potential #GTA6 release. But for GTA 6 news or GTA 5 news, even GTA Online news, stick with IGN.

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