The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Bedroom Coders | Design Icons

September 30, 2020 251738 Views

GMTK’s game history series Design Icons takes a trip to the UK, to see how the early British games business started as a cottage industry of bedroom coders

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[1] November 1984 | CVG

[2] Interview: CCP on the Freedoms of EVE Online | Gamasutra

[3] The forgotten interview with Chris Roberts | Paul Dean

[4] No Man’s Sky creator: ‘We wanted to build a universe’ | The Guardian

[5] The Replay Interviews: Gary Penn | Gamasutra

[6] January 1984 | CVG

[7] March 1985 | CVG

[8] Commercial Breaks – The Battle For Santa’s Software | BBC (Archived on YouTube)

[9] Geeks who rocked the world: Documentary looks back at origins of the computer-games industry | The Independent

[10] Feature: Jez San On Star Fox, Super FX And Teaching Nintendo How To Fly | Nintendo Life

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Bandersnatch: The game that killed a company and inspired a Black Mirror episode

Bandersnatch: the game that killed a company and inspired a Black Mirror episode

The Complete History of DMA Design | Mike Dailly


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