THX Bounty – 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus Audio – 2003

January 4, 2022 734 Views

Since Youtube supports 5.1 sound now, I thought I’d upload this bootleg I captured a long time back at the theater. NOTE: 5.1 audio playback will require that you use the Youtube App on some device, I don’t think the web browser running on a laptop hooked to your TV will work but feel free to let me know if it does. Anyway, the video was captured with a camera running at 24 frames per second pointed at the screen, so it looks pretty bad. Not much to see anyway. The audio I recorded directly from a Dolby Digital DA20 I believe, or perhaps a DTS unit, I can’t quite remember. I do recall I had to record two tracks at a time to MiniDisc. I combined them all together to make a 6-track DVD and that’s basically what this is.

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