Watch Out For This Save-Wiping Halo Infinite Glitch – IGN Daily Fix

December 15, 2021 37773 Views

On today’s IGN The Fix: Games,

A number of Halo Infinite players have reported coming across a save-wiping glitch in the game, affecting both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. As reported by players on resetEra and Halo Waypoint (and spotted by VG247), Halo Infinite appears to contain a bug that is causing players to load into the game from a third-person perspective before breaking their save files completely. The issue itself is reportedly affecting both Xbox and PC payers and seems to be caused by a login-related bug. resetEra user 99humanity reports that after launching the game they would load into the campaign in third-person mode with Master Chief clipping through the floor. When attempting to head back to the menu and relaunch their progress, the user notes that their save file would fail to load and display as if they’d completed 0% of the campaign.

Grunts get some quirky lore and personalities in Halo Infinite and we have a montage of some of our favorites.

Nintendo is hosting a new Indie World Showcase happening tomorrow Dec 15th at 9:00 am PT / 12:00pm ET.

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